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Mental Health Needs To Be Spoken About!

I was sat here just thinking about all of those I know with mental health and some personal issues I have suffered with myself. It turned out that I didn’t really think much about those with mental health but those without and how would they cope if it was them that suffered.

I don’t understand how mental health is only just becoming something that people talk about, according to the World Health Organisation, in 1990 416 million people around that world suffered from some kind of depression and anxiety. By 2013, this amount rises up to 615 million. Even though many were aware of these statistics, there wasn’t a lot being done to help support them.

Mental health needs to be spoken about more so that people have a better understanding of how people are suffering and fighting with their own thoughts and mind! Many people believe that telling people ‘just get over it’ ‘you will be fine by tomorrow’ or ‘just think about something different’ is going to help somebody who is suffering. But, the people who say this are also the people that can plan a night out, be excited all day and happily go out feeling confident and love that they are out meeting people and socialising with friends. Whereas, they need to be shown what is really like for somebody who suffers with mental health. So, you make these exciting plans and are excited for these all week, yet it gets to the day and you really don’t want to get out of bed. You have a million thoughts going round your head of how it is going to be a terrible night and that it is a bad idea to even leave the house. So instead of putting on your music and getting ready wth a nice glass of wine, you are lying in bed crying and hating yourself for not being able to go out and be the confident person you want to be.

What about those days when you have a bad day at school or work? You go home, talk to somebody about what has happened and just let it go until the next day. What about those who cannot just let it go? What about those that are actually scared that everyday is going to be a bad day? They end everyday lying in bed crying because their thoughts are telling them that they are not good enough and they never are going to be good enough.

What about those days where you happily drive home from work and your enjoying that little bit of alone time? Well, maybe think of those that cannot cope with that alone time. That have thoughts like ‘would anybody miss me if I died in a car crash today?’ or what about those days where you think ‘if I go down this hill fast enough and not put my brakes on would anybody care?’

A lot of people I know dismiss mental health and think that it is something that can easily be solved. Just because they cannot see that somebody is ill and cannot see that somebody is being physically affected, they think that they are fine and can just brush it off. When in reality, they would much rather suffer physically. Suffer from that hurt or pain of a paper cut or even a broken leg, it is something that will heal whereas what they are suffering with won’t just go away over night. Depression and anxiety can’t just be fixed with a drug or some form of alcohol. It is something we need to be aware of and more people need to be taught how to recognise the signs and how they can actually help those who are suffering!




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  • Reply Holly

    I defiantly see that people who don’t/haven’t suffered with their mental health need to be better advised on how to approach/deal with people that do suffer.

    It’s not about trending on egg shells it’s just about learning about emotions being in tune with someone else’s and being mindful of what that person is having to deal with.

    Like you said dealing with your thoughts that consume your mind is huge. More so when they are so very negative.

    I’m glad you’ve written a post like this as it is true more people need to speak up about it.

    Much love

    May 9, 2018 at 8:31 am
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