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Why I Cracked & Purchased From Kylie Cosmetics!

I have always been very open about my views on the Kylie Lip Kits. I always found that they are really expensive, not worth the hassle of trying to get an item before it is sold out or that the shipping is too complicated. Yet, I am now openly sitting here with three of my own lip kits!

The main reason I never ordered any lip kits was for the pure fact of them always selling out and I am not the type of person to sit around watching for when Kylie is next going to launch some kits, but a couple weeks ago (15 days to be exact) I decided to look on the Kylie Cosmetics site and found that a lot of her kits were available. Deciding that I was ready to jump on the bang wagon, I added a kit to the basket.

Then when I realised how much I would be paying to get the kits over here (their postage price and the royal mail customs charge) I realised it would be better to order a couple of kits to try out. I will be the first person to tell you that the postage was a ridiculous price, and not from Kylie Costmetics but from Royal Mail themselves. Yet it only took 14 days for me to actually receive my three lip kits.

Being a person who never really wore lipstick or gloss until a couple months ago (still only wear it when going out, out) I am very pleased with the lip kits and would love if they started selling these products in the UK so that they are easier to purchase!





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