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Stop Trying To Be Queen Bee!

It’s weird to think that as children we are usually taught to be the best and taught how to be competitive to help us be the best we can be. Yet now that we are adults, is it time to stop?

Working in a place that is very female heavy (suppose this happens in most schools) you tend to notice that women are more competitive and bitchy than men. Men tend to leave their competitiveness to sports, like football or rugby but when they re at work tend to congratulate each other on their achievements or help each other to become better at what they are doing. Why do women not do the same?

Whenever you hear a woman say they have completed a task or they have completed a lot of work instead of hearing a ‘well done’ or ‘you’ve done great today’ women tend to explain how much more they have done. What is so wrong in congratulating somebody on completing a task? Why not tell somebody that they have worked well or done a great job that day?

From young ages girls are watching tv shows and movies where girls have a ‘popular click’ and your only allowed to do certain things or date certain boys if you are in this click. But I call BULLS***!! You don’t have to be the most popular person in school to play certain sports or talk to certain people. You have as much right as everybody else to do whatever the hell it is you want to do! Stop letting these little clicks stop you from doing as you please.

The worrying thing is that even when you have left school and got yourself into a job it is exactly the same. Everybody seems to think that they are the most important person in that job. You always hear the phrase ‘Queen Bee’ I suppose people live and worship Beyonce to think that they have a right to be the Queen Bee. But guess what! Beyonce isn’t doing what you are doing, yes she is beautiful, yes she is talent but guess what she is also human! I wonder how she would cope if she was put in the role of a teacher or nurse for a week because I can bet she wouldn’t be Queen Bee then!

It’s not even just at work but stop comparing your life to Beyonce! All you see if what they want you to see. The money, the designer clothes, the private jets, the long blonde hair and the perfect family is what they want you to see. You don’t know what is going on behind closed doors. Do you really want to look up to somebody who has her sister beat up her husband for a publicity stunt to sell more albums? Because that is the person you are all looking up to.

Stop trying to be the best and better than everyone else when you just need to be YOUR BEST! The only person you should be in competition with is yourself. When somebody tells you that they have finally completed a task- whether you completed it hours before or not- tell then ‘well done’ or ‘your doing a great job’. All people want from you is your best but we all have days where this is not possible so don’t strain yourself in trying to impress and make others happy when the only person you need to keep happy is yourself! If people don’t appreciate you the way you are then get rid of them!



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