C2C Lion Patch!

Whilst I’ve been finishing the last of my Uni work, I haven’t really had the chance to do much else. So the past few weeks I’ve been doing a slow project, this being a Corner-2-Corner animal patch blanket. I got this idea after completing my c2c bear blanket (here) and decided that it would be fun to create some different animal shapes and make one big blanket. One of these patches is a Lion and I thought I would post the graphghan and the colour pattern!

If you decide to attempt this blanket then please send me a picture via email ( or take me on Instagram or twitter (@abigailcrochets)!

For this patch of the blanket, I used green(G) for the background, black (BL) for the eyes, mouth and nose, dark brown(BR) for the main, light brown (LB) for the face and body, and white (W) for the tip of the tail

Round 1 – 1G
Round 2 – 2G
Round 3 – 3G
Round 4 – 4G
Round 5 – 5G
Round 6 – 6G
Round 7 – 7G
Round 8 – 8G
Round 9 – 2G, 2BR, 1G, 1BR, 2G
Round 10 – 2G, 4BR, 1LB, 2BR, 1G
Round 11 – 1G, 1BR, 2W, 2LB, 1BR, 1LB, 1BR, 2G
Round 12 – 2G, 1BR, 2LB, 1BR, 1LB, 1BR, 1W, 1BR, 2G
Round 13 – 3G, 4BR, 3LB, 1BR, 2G
Round 14 – 3G, 3LB, 1BR, 7G
Round 15 – 7G, 1BR, 3LB, 3BR, 2G
Round 16 – 2G, 1BR, 1LB, 1BR, 3LB, 1G, 4BR, 3G
Round 17 – 2G, 7BR, 5LB, 1BR, 2G
Round 18 – 2G, 1BR, 5LB, 8BR, 2G
Round 19 –2G, 5BR, 2LB, 2BR, 5LB, 1BR, 2G
Round 20 – 3G, 1BR, 4LB, 2BR, 4LB, 4BR, 2G
Round 21 – 3G, 3BR, 5LB, 2BR, 3LB, 1BR, 4G
Round 22 – 5G, 2BR, 1LB, 2BR, 1LB, 2BL, 3LB, 3BR, 3G
Round 23 – 4G, 3BR, 4LB, 1BL, 1LB, 3BR, 7G
Round 24 – 8G, 1BR, 1LB, 2BL, 4LB, 3BR, 3G
Round 25 – 3G, 2BR, 1LB, 1BL, 1LB, 2BL, 3LB, 1BR, 7G
Round 26 – 6G, 2BR, 1LB, 1BL, 3LB, 1BR, 6G
Round 27 – 2G, 3BR, 3LB, 1BL, 3LB, 1BR, 6G
Round 28 – 5G, 2BR, 6LB, 3BR, 2G
Round 29 – 2G, 2BR, 6LB, 2BR, 5G
Round 30 – 4G, 2BR, 6LB, 3BR, 1P
Round 31 – 1G, 3BR, 2LB, 1BL, 2LB, 2BR, 4G
Round 32 – 3G, 3BR, 3LB, 4BR, 1G
Round 33 – 1G, 4BR 1LBR, 4BR 3G
Round 34 – 3G, 8BR, 1G
Round 35 – 1G, 8BR, 2G
Round 36 – 2G, 7BR, 1G
Round 37 – 2G, 5BR, 2G
Round 38 – 2G, 4BR, 2G
Round 39 – 7G
Round 40 – 6G
Round 41 – 5G
Round 42 – 4G
Round 43 – 3G
Round 44 – 2G
Round 45 – 1G



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