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I Finally Watched Series 1 of 13 Reasons Why!

I am obsessed with watching tv series one after another, yet last year there was a big hype over the Netflix show ’13 reasons why’. I finally decided to join the hype and put on the first episode but found that I just could get into it and and only ever watched that first ten minutes.

I didn’t decide to give it another try until a ten year old at work (yes a 10 year old) told me that they were excited for the second series to come out because they cannot wait to see how they promote mental health even more than they already have. I was quite shocked that the words were coming from somebody so young and that a ten year old wants mental health to become a topic that is talked about more.

So after attempting the first episode again I become hooked. I watched the whole of the first series in two weekends. I have seen a lot of people tweeting about how the program does not help those with mental health and is going to be encouraging people to commit suicide or promote rape. BULLS**T! To me this series has shown that you do not really no what is going on in somebody’s head and no matter how happy and strong somebody appears to be you do not know what is going on in their head.

I believe that one of the biggest messages from this program is that your actions always have consequences. You may do or say something to somebody and that person may be laughing or they may be taking the joke but that is until they get home and replay every little thing from that laugh or joke. That small laugh or joke you have with somebody may start playing on their mind, they may see it as a joke anymore but believe that they are the joke!

A lot of people are saying that this program is not good for those who do suffer with anxiety or depression and by seeing that it can cause suicide will cause them to do the same. Yet again BULLS**T! The program is there to show them that they are not alone. Yes that series is fictional but that does not mean that this does not happen because it does. This happens numerous times a day all over the world and it is something that needs to be spoken about more. More needs to be done to help those who suffer and this program can help show them that they can find their ‘Clay’ and there is somebody out there who will listen to them and support them and if they did decide to take their own life would miss them.

People truly do need to stop posting all over social media that people should not watch this because it is promoting ‘rape’, ‘anxiety’ and ‘depression’ because it is promoting it in a way to show people how people (especially those going through school) are suffering on a daily basis and are in need of more support and we should be helping to promote and help those who need it instead of wasting time moaning about a program.

I understand this program has sensitive topics and people may not want to watch it but it shows things that are happening all over the world daily and more control needs to be taken!


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  • Reply Lauren Thomas

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I love the series, it is a little hard to watch at times but I definitely think it helps people to realise that it’s important to reach out and just how much of an impact suicide can have on the people around you!

    June 15, 2018 at 7:54 pm
  • Reply Courtney Hardy

    I totally agree with everything you said. I think it’s totally addicting too.

    June 16, 2018 at 3:47 am
  • Reply Michelle Joseph

    I agree with what you’ve said. This series really made me open my eyes to what happens in the head of a lot of people. You think they’re okay, but they’re not and the fact that you could have smiled at someone that day or tmjust asked them how they’re doing could have made all the difference. Currently on season 2!

    June 16, 2018 at 10:36 am
  • Reply Jenny in Neverland

    I absolutely love 13 Reasons Why – both seasons although if I had a kid of 10, I certainly wouldn’t be letting them watch it! I also don’t think that it promotes any of the topics in it. Season 2 in particular I think does a fantastic job of highlights the real issues and giving a more realistic portrayal of these things. Especially Jessica, going through PTSD. Alisha’s performance in season 2 was fantastic!

    June 16, 2018 at 12:03 pm
  • Reply Dreams&Lashes

    I totally agree with you! Everyone seems to find something negative to say about the show but I love it! I loved the way they went about it. How you could feel the frustration over her killing herself, if she had just waited… And that’s the message, to wait for things to get better, because they do.
    You need to watch season two, it was great! xx

    Angela |

    June 17, 2018 at 7:14 pm
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