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Let’s Talk About: Perfection!

I have decided lately that I would like to add a little ‘let’s talk about’ section to my blog where I just write about a topic that is on my mind. At the moment this is perfection and how it seems that teens feel like they constantly need to strive for perfection so I decided to do this in a letter form like some of my previous posts.

Dear Teens,

At the moment you are all feeling a lot of pressure, whether it’s from your parents, your teachers or your friends, but most of all you are feeling pressure to become this ‘perfect’ person that is being broadcast everywhere you look. You are living in a world full of technology and social media, which means you are living in a world where you spend your time scrolling through pictures of celebrities and models.

First things first, those models do not look the way you think they do! Those pictures you see all over their Instagram and on the front of magazines, they do not exist! Those pictures have been edited to make it seem like they are ‘perfect’. Have a look at the pictures of Kylie Jenner on her Instagram, her face has been airbrushed, she’s used a special selfie light and has had a glam squad get her photo ready. Not just that, she has had work done!

Those fitness models you follow, yes they have an incredible body but just remember that it is their job. They get paid to train all day and eat healthy food to ensure they have low body fat. You are not going to have the body that they do, for starters you are still a teenager which means your body is still developing which means that it is constantly changing. Secondly, you have not got time to prepare and eat the way that they do!

You think that you need to become this beautiful person in order to fit or get the attention of somebody else. But, have you ever stopped and wondered what the definition of beautiful actually is? Everybody has their own definition of beautiful, some may look at person and decide whether they are beautiful because of the way they look. Others may look at somebody and are not able to decide what beautiful is until they get to know a person. Don’t worry about looking ‘perfect’ or ‘beautiful’ because that person does not exist unless you have a beautiful personality to match it!

When I was a teen I wanted to be this definition of ‘perfect’. I would spend my time looking in the mirror and hating myself. I would avoid breakfast, I would eat as little as possible because I wanted to look like the girls on the television. But one thing that I can tell you, I was not happy with myself, I hated myself more because the person I was looking at in the mirror was my enemy. I hated being the person that I was. People could tell that my body was slimmer than before but to me it seemed to be getting bigger. You are your own worst enemy, it took a boy to show me what I was doing to myself and teach me to love myself the way that I was. I hate that it took another person to show me I could be happy in myself and that I didn’t look like those people on the television because I wasn’t those people on the television.

Please stop looking at those people on the screens, they are not you! They are not perfect! You are! Learn to love yourself and stop looking in the mirror, because that person staring back at you isn’t going to tell you what you want to hear unless you can learn to accept yourself first!


Lots of love,



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  • Reply Dreams&Lashes

    Loved this post! We are so surrounded by these images that our mind is programmed to think that we need to look like that… I struggled so much with this growing up but I feel like as I got older I just stopped caring so much. We need to talk about this subject more and more! xx

    Angela |

    June 19, 2018 at 10:20 am
  • Reply Courtney Hardy

    I totally agree with you. Most photos of models are celebs are photo shopped, and it’s fake. Young girls still feel like it’s real and it can really damage them for sure.

    June 19, 2018 at 11:49 am
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