C2C Giraffe Patch!

After previously posting the Corner-2-Corner patch of the Lion on the blog, I have decided to post the giraffe patch also that I have added to the blanket!

For this patch of the blanket, I used a pale pink (P) for the background, black (BL) for the eyes and nose, darker pink (DP) for the ears, yellow (Y) for the face, dark brown (BR) for the patches and light brown (LB) for the horns.

Round 1 – 1P
Round 2 – 2P
Round 3 – 3P
Round 4 – 4P
Round 5 – 5P
Round 6 – 6P
Round 7 – 7P
Round 8 – 8P
Round 9 – 9P
Round 10 – 10P
Round 11 – 10P, 1Y
Round 12 – 1Y, 1BR, 10P
Round 13 – 10P, 2BR, 1Y
Round 14 – 1P, 1Y, 1BR, 1Y, 10P
Round 15 – 6P, 2Y, 2BR, 3Y, 2P
Round 16 – 3P, 2Y, 3BR, 1Y, 2BR, 5P
Round 17 – 5P, 1Y, 1BR, 2Y, 3BR, 1Y, 4P
Round 18 – 5P, 2BR, 1BL, 1BR, 4Y, 5P
Round 19 –2P, 2Y, 1P, 5Y, 4BR, 5P
Round 20 – 6P, 1BR, 1BL, 1BR, 9Y, 2P
Round 21 – 2P, 1Y, 2DP, 1Y, 1BR, 5Y, 3BR, 6P
Round 22 – 7P, 2BR, 5Y, 2BR, 3Y, 3P
Round 23 – 4P, 3Y, 1BR, 1Y, 1BL, 6Y, 7P

Round 24 – 7P, 9Y, 6P
Round 25 – 6P, 9Y, 6P
Round 26 – 6P, 1BR, 8Y, 5P
Round 27 – 5P, 1BR, 3Y, 1BL, 2Y, 1BR, 6P,
Round 28 – 5P, 1BR, 5Y, 2BR, 1LB, 4P
Round 29 – 3P, 1LB, 2BR, 6Y, 5P
Round 30 – 5P, 2Y, 1BR, 2Y, 2BR, 1P, 1LB, 2P
Round 31 – 1P, 2Y, 1BR, 2Y, 2BR, 1P, 1LB, 2P
Round 32 – 5P, 1Y, 1BR, 2Y, 1LB, 4P
Round 33 – 3P, 1LB, 2P, 2Y, 5P
Round 34 – 4P, 2Y, 3P, 1LB, 2P
Round 35 – 1P, 1BR, 3P, 1Y, 1DP 1Y 3P
Round 36 – 3P, 2Y, 5P
Round 37 – 4P, 1Y, 1DP, 1Y, 2P
Round 38 – 2P, 2Y, 4P
Round 39 – 4P, 1Y, 2P
Round 40 – 6P
Round 41 – 5P
Round 42 – 4P
Round 43 – 3P
Round 44 – 2P
Round 45 – 1P


If you decide to create this patch then please send pictures so I can see how amazing your patches are!





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  • Reply Alexx

    Wow, this is gorgeous! I learned to crochet years ago, and this makes me want to dig it back out to give it a go. Have a newphew due to be born in nov/dec, think I might try and make a blanket using this patch!xx

    July 21, 2018 at 11:49 pm
  • Reply Beth

    This looks gorgeous! I need to try it but I know I’ll be so bad at it haha

    Beth x |

    July 28, 2018 at 10:22 am
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