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12 Lies We All Told Our Parents | Blogtober

For Day 10 of Blogtober I’ve decided to write a post about different lies we’ve told our parents whilst growing up, this all started when I was having a discussion with my own Mom the other day and I found it rather amusing and decided to share it!

Doesn’t matter how much of a Mommy’s or Daddy’s girl/boy you were, you told your parents at least five of these lives. I don’t think our parents can really shout at us for our little white lies when they do it themselves, they talk about Santa and the Toothfairy with such ease that it’s kind of scary how good they are at lying.We also have to remember that they are somebody’s child themselves and they definitely wasn’t always honest with their parents, so they can’t expect us to be!

  1. “They made me do it!”Whether it was my idea to do something stupid of not, I would always blame it on somebody else so that I didn’t get into as much trouble.
  2. “My phone died!”I think I used this excuse daily, especially when I had a curfew and didn’t manage to get back bang on time. Say my phone died and I didn’t have the time on me!
  3. “I’m getting off the laptop now!”After coming home and turning the laptop on to talk to your friends on MSN, who you had been with 15 minutes prior, then not realising that you have spent the last two hours on there and have school in the morning and promising your parents your getting off but end up on it until 2 a.m.
  4. “Mum let’s me go!”Only Dad’s in and not letting me go out, just use the same phrase I always do “Mum said this morning that I can go, ring her if you don’t believe me.” I always knew that he wasn’t going to ring her!
  5. “I don’t know what top your talking about!”I used to wear the same size clothes as my Mom so it was great when you were able to just sneak into her room and borrow her clothes, the only other problem was finding them afterwards, especially having a typical teenager room where you couldn’t find anything.
  6. “I only had a couple of drinks!”Didn’t matter what party you end up at as a teenager, you are going to end up drinking way more then you can handle and in the bathroom somewhere throwing up. Yet, when you get home the next day you put on a smile and pretend that you do not have a ridiculously bad hangover.
  7. “I’m not texting anybody!”It didn’t matter who I used to text, my parents would always think it was a boy. So in the end I used to tell them I wasn’t texting anybody and was just browsing through my phone.
  8. “My phone was on silent!”Didn’t matter where I was or who I was with I would always miss my Mums phone calls, not purposely but for some reason I think my phone used to stop working whenever she would try to ring through!
  9. “I know what I want to do in the future!”Lies, lies, lies! I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up but they didn’t need to know that their daughter had no aims or ambitions!
  10. “I’ve cleaned my room!”This lie used to get told to my Mum all the time, and I think she always knew this was a lie because I used to come home and my room would be spotless. I don’t think my boyfriend used to do it when I fell asleep?
  11. “Homeworks done!”I don’t think that in all my years at secondary school, I completed my homework. I think I completed it for one teacher who used to scare the crap out of me but my Mum never used to know that.
  12. “I can do it on my own!”No I can’t, I want you next to me and I want you to help me!


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  • Reply allthingsalexx

    Absolutely loved this post and couldn’t help but click on it and read as soon as I saw the title (and potentially the Gilmore Girls picture) because it is such a funny but relatable post. God I used to tell these sorta lies all of the time being a teenager! Thanks for bringing some humour into my day😂 great post and I can’t wait to check out more of your work!
    Alex x

    October 11, 2018 at 9:38 pm
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