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For day 13 of blogtober I have decided to do a little round up of the don’ts of a first date, this could probably be from all of the episodes of Sex and The City I have been watching.

Through out the years I feel like it isn’t as common that people go out on dates before becoming a ‘couple’. This could be different if people actually did things correctly on dates and didn’t do any of the dumb things listed below.

  1. Expect the other person to pay

For decades it has always been known that a man should pay for a woman on the first date, but what if it wasn’t the woman’s idea to go out? All women want equal rights, so why do some women still think it’s acceptable to make the man pay for the meal. This is something you do not need to worry about if the man is a gentleman and offers to pay but do not expect somebody else to pay for you before they offer!

  1. Be a show off

Most people think that first dates should be really extravagant and super expensive. WRONG! There is nothing worse then paying a ridiculous amount of money to sit awkwardly in a restaurant. If you take a woman to an expensive place it makes them feel as if you want something in return and makes them feel extremely uncomfortable!

  1. Interview the person

First dates usually help people to get to know one another, but remember you are not interviewing them for a new job. Stick to conversation and just let it roll naturally without grilling them for all information. Not asking too many questions is goal if you are interested in that person, as it means you have an excuse for a second date!

  1. Do the stereotypical first date

A dinner and a movie is always great for a date night but it is going to be exactly the same as every other first date that person has been on! For starters, a movie can be very awkward as you have to sit in silence and not able to get to know one another. Be unique, make it the most random first date where you can have fun and are able to actually get to know each other.

  1. Brag!

For me this is the most important! There is nothing worse on a date then having to sit and listen to the other person talk about how amazing they are. This is very unattractive and will make the other person feel uncomfortable and not want to see you again. It’s okay to talk about your achievements but you do not need to give every detail and look arrogant while doing so!

  1. Be late

This is probably more embarrassing then anything. Do make you date think they have been stood up because you couldn’t drag yourself away from the television to be dressed and ready on time. Being punctual is always a good thing and shows that you are interested. Just think, would you want your date leaving you waiting?

  1. Have a salad

Most girls would order a salad on a first date to make it look as if they are really healthy and care about what they eat. This also shows that your not really healthy because if you were you would use this as your cheat meal. Men find it more attractive to see a woman order a steak then to sit watching you eat rabbit food.

  1. Sit on your phone

You have come on this date to get to know the other person, so why would you just sit there staring at your phone? This will make your date think you have somebody more interesting to talk to then themselves, so put the phone in your pocket or purse and give them your full attention!

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  • Reply Rachel

    Let’s not forget get too drunk… not that I’ve done that before…

    Rachel ||

    October 14, 2018 at 10:59 am
    • Reply abigailcrochets

      Haha that is very true… neither have I…

      October 14, 2018 at 11:17 am

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