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How I Relax During Fall | Blogtober

So for Day 15 I will be telling you about the different ways I relax during fall. I think that a majority of people tend to do the same kind of things during this season so my relaxation techniques during this time probably don’t come as too much of a shock to most people.

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Purchase A Book!

There is nothing better then getting snuggled up on a cold autumn night with a blanket and a good book. I find this to be the most therapeutic thing I can do at this time of year. Most people love to read on a beach when its really hot and sunny but not me. My favourite time of the year to read is during the fall season.

Light Some Candles!

Darker nights means more candles! I always find that throughout the Summer I don’t really light any candles. Yet, during Autumn I tend to purchase every candle I see and place them all around the house. I find that the candles get me ready to settle down down ready for winter and the Christmas.

Put On The Fire Place!

Unfortunately I am not lucky enough to own a log fire as that would just be perfect at this time of year. So instead I love to just put the flames effect on the fireplace, even if the fire place isn’t actually giving off heat, just by having the flames on the screen makes the room extra cozy especially when you get a blanket and make yourself a hot chocolate!

Go To A Coffee Shop!

Whether you are a Starbucks, costa or mini cafe lover there is nothing better then sticking on a nice scarf and hot and making your way to a coffee shop. You can go on your own and get some work done or you get get one of your pals and make your way there for a good catch up. A nice seasonal drink and a slice of cake makes your day ten times better and there is no denying that you can’t get a lot of work complete during this time.


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    I find fall so cosy, it is my favourite season! I love lighting candles + blankets + snacks + tv = the best, right?! xx

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