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How To Pamper Yourself This Fall | Blogtober

Fall is the time of year people tend to start stressing. A lot of people start the stress of Christmas, some start to stress because it is their final year, some may stress because it is their first year. This means that we need to pause and take a moment to look after ourselves. This can be done within 10 minutes.


Meditation is something I have never been into but I have seen a lot of studies that show the benefits of meditation. This can be reducing stress, controlling anxiety, enhance self-awareness, generate kindness, help fight addictions and many more. This can be completed within 5 minutes before you go to bed to help clear your mind from stress and help improve your sleep.

Face Mask

This is a simple one, this can be done whilst you are in the bath or even whilst your catching up on your favourite TV show. Stick on a face mask of your choice and just sit back and let the face mask get to work. It is shocking how much better you feel after being kind to your own skin.

Read a Book

I know a lot of people are not fans of reading and don’t think to go out and buy a book. Yet it is shocking how much this can help you relax. Go to your local book shop and find a section that you feel most interested in, this is the easiest way to find a book that you are going to enjoy and really get engaged with.

Create a Playlist

Get yourself on Spotify or iTunes and create yourself a playlist full of songs that either bring you happy memories or just generally make you feel good. Music is known to have an impact on a persons mood and by creating your own playlist you are creating your own mood. You may choose nice soothing music is something with a bit of a beat but make sure that it is something that brings you happiness.

Order a Take-Away and Stick On the TV

Some people may disagree with ordering a take-away but once in a while it is good to get somebody else to make your food without the mess. Order yourself some food, put on a bit of Netflix and sit back and relax. This way you haven’t got the extra work of cooking and you haven’t got to clean up after yourself.

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