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I discussed a little about this within my blog post ‘why I started blogging’. I have had a number of different blog names and I know you shouldn’t really change them but I always found my niche changed and no longer fit with what my url was.

I then started my ‘Let’s Talk About’ section of the blog and found that I was doing more of these posts and these were tending to be the posts that would bring in the most traffic and created most discussion on the blog. This is when I came up with the name Abi Talks About. I feel that his name enables me to post anything without worrying about sticking to one niche just because of a blog name.

I like that thought that this blog name enables me to talk about anything on the blog and does not leave any restrictions. I would also like to think of it as being something people remember once they have read one post and know that they can come to the blog and read about a variety of different things and also start a discussion about anything.

I know this is a very short post but that is the only story I have behind my blog name and I would love for people to give suggestions on what they would like to read more about or a topic they would like to read about. You can do this by clicking here!

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