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3 Ways To Avoid Hair Damage | Blogtober

A lot of people tend to take more care of their hair in the summer because of the sun and tend to abandon their hair when the weather gets cooler. Here are three ways you can keep your hair looking radiant throughout fall.

Take Away The Heat!

This is probably the most obvious, during the summer there is no need to be constantly straightening or curling your hair. If you want nice waves then braid your hair the night before and sleep with them, or even just go for the simple top knot that everybody seems to love during the summer. Just by taking away the heat your are going to improve your hair loads!

Condition! Condition! Condition!

There is nothing I love more then conditioning my hair. During the summer your hair tends to dry out quicker and needs extra conditioning, so why not cover your hair in conditioner, wrap it in a towel and sleep with your conditioner in. Then when you wake up, wash out the conditioner and your hair will feel amazingly soft!


A lot of people buy face masks and use them to protect their skin, so why don’t we use them to protect our hair? There are a number of different hair masks you can buy, my particular favourite is the Bleach London Reincarnation Mask, this stuff is incredible (but any hair mask is amazing!). Just simply cover your hair in the mask, leave for 10-15 minutes and wash out. Doing this one a week will certainly improve your hair.


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