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If your anything like me, you easily lose all motivation to workout especially it comes to this time of year where the mornings are darker for longer and the nights get darker earlier.. These are 5 easy tricks to improve your workout to ensure you stay motivated and getting the most out of your exercise.

Keep Hydrated!

This is pretty much the number one rule when working out, drink plenty of water! If you don’t keep yourself hydrated as your body loses fluids when working out. Drinking water also restores energy and helps prevent headaches.

Plan Your Workouts

There is nothing worse then getting to the gym and having no clue on what you want to for or even what you should be doing. Plan your workouts for the week, that way you know what you want to achieve and know what you are going to need. This will also help you to focus on certain parts of the body and ensure that you are getting the best out of each workout!

Try Something New

There is nothing less motivating then going to the gym and completing the same workout over and over. Instead, try to change it up instead. Instead of doing your usual cardio try a bit of weight lifting or maybe even decide to join a class to add some variety into your workout! If you are losing motivation from doing the same thing all the time, then your workouts will not be as effective. Maybe even try taking a friend along and complete a buddy workout.

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Get Your Playlist Ready

If your going to do a workout, you are going to need music! I don’t know about any body else but I cannot workout without music, I just find it impossible. Putting on your favourite upbeat songs will give you the motivation to complete your workout and also make them a lot more fun!

Set Your Goal

Set yourself some realistic goals, some that are long term and some that are short term. You might find that you want to be able to complete a certain run but unable to because you don’t feel your fit enough then start training yourself to complete the run! If you are setting a goal then set one for yourself, set one that you know is realistic and you are going to be able to complete!

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