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Letter To My Teenage Self | Blogtober

So for day 27 I decided it was time to write another letter except this time I decided to write it to myself from when I was 16 years of age.

Dear Teenage Me,

So right now you think the whole world is against you, well let me tell you one thing, they are not!

You’ve just finished your GCSE’s and don’t worry you pass all of them, even though you never studied. You are now going to go on to sixthform to start your journey to become an accountant, but that actually changes. You will end up dropping out of sixth form due to some vile people you think are your friends. That leads you to start college instead and actually starting your journey to work with children. Which then leads you to start your online university course for childhood and youth studies!

Also, right now your heart is broken from your first love. But believe me when I tell you that your first love isn’t actually your first love. Not matter how many promises were made to be together forever, he is not the person who is your forever. The boy who had you losing sleep because he was all you could think about. That boy who had you skipping meals because you thought it was better to stay skinny and not gain weight in case he didn’t love you anymore. Trust me yo do gain weight throughout the years but it actually makes you healthier and stronger. Just trust me when I tell you it does get better, you may not realise it now but boys come and go and will continue to come and go, you haven’t found your ‘forever’ by the age of twenty two but you do not mind, you realise that love can wait a while.

All those friends you are currently with and think are your ‘Bff’s’ believe me they are not. Right now you feel like you cannot live without your friends, and you are going to grow up together, be each others bridesmaids and all be aunties too each others children. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end up that way. Most of the girls you are hanging around with end up turning their back on you, they become two-faced, back stabbing people who only care about themselves. The couple of true friends you do have, you just drift apart, don’t worry there is no bad blood between you, but you just drift away from each other. Despite all of this, you do make new friends, they may be slightly older than you, and they are a lot more mature, but they help you to become a better person. They help inspire you to chase your dreams and never give up and this is the kind of people that you need in your life right about now!

Right now that’s all you need to worry about. You are slowly growing to become a better person and I have all my faith in you that you can do this!

The only advice I give you, is to stay strong, never give up chasing your dreams and take it one step at a time, there is no rush. Your the person who grows up to help inspire young children.

All the love,



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