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Why You Need To Add Tabata Into Your Workouts!

Over the past twelve or so months the fitness industry has been encouraging us to do more HiiT workouts as they are supposed to be more beneficial for us then running. Though, recently the newest craze seems to be Tabata, so what is this Tabata that everybody is going crazy over?

What is Tabata?

Tabata is a new form of high-intensity interval training, the circuits only last for four minutes but within those four minutes you complete 20 seconds of exercise then rest for 10 seconds and repeat eight rounds. You do not have to do the same exercise for 8 rounds, you can choose to do two specific exercises or complete 8 different exercises within the circuit. Tabata is designed for you to go full force for 20 seconds.

What is the difference between Hiit and Tabata?

The different between HiiT and Tabata workouts are a tabata workout is completed using shorter work periods compared to HiiT.  The shorter workout periods are designed to be more intense and increase your VO2 to improve your workout. The Tabata workout is quicker to complete as it is a quick 8 minute workout and HiiT can last up to thirty minute. Though Tabata is quicker then Hiit you should still continue with your HiiT workouts as this is the best for fat burning.

What you should know before starting Tabata training!

Tabata training is a very intense workout that is not recommended for beginners as the intensity can become too much towards the end of circuits. The high intensity of the workout can cause the risk of injury if not performed the correct way, the risk of injury can be decreased by the exercises being performed and making sure that your body is capable of completing these circuits.

Can Tabata be done at home?

Any workout that can be done at home is a bonus, that’s’ why Tabata is good to fit into a busy lifestyle, all you need is a maximum of ten minutes in your day and you don’t even need to use equipment. All you need is a timer and you’re ready to go and complete wherever you are!

What exercises should you do?

Tabata can be used for any exercise but the best way to perform a Tabata workout is to create a circuit that is going to work the whole body. Exercises that could be used are; burpees, mountain climbers, sprints, sit ups, push ups, dead lifts, squats, squat jumps, lunges and many more.





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