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Let’s Talk About: Celebrity Volunteers!

I was recently sent an email by Astrid Halliday who ‘loves travelling and especially getting away overseas to help build and develop a community. Volunteering many times with Original Volunteers and also with Habitat For Humanity, she loves sharing her passion and encouraging other to travel in a similar way.’

She is really passionate regarding volunteering and ask if she could do a guest post on the blog about ‘20 Celebrities you never knew volunteered’. I found this really interesting as you never actually hear about.

More known for their roles in Hollywood movies and elegantly walking down red carpets, celebrities aren’t usually known for getting their hands dirty. They love to show off their cash, donating generous sums and attending galas. But did you know this list of celebrities have done their part by volunteering abroad?

Yes, it really happened! They got hands on, volunteering in different ways. Who says celebrities are only into themselves?

Here are 20 celebrities you never knew volunteered abroad:

Hilary Swank

America’s ‘Million Dollar Baby’ travelled to Palampur, India with United Planet. Helping at a local orphanage. The orphanage was home to 23 children and Hilary helped as an English teaching assistant for two weeks.

She also donated her hair in 2007 and 2008 to Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign, which makes wigs for those who have lost their hair due to cancer.

Seth Green

“In my opinion, you’ve got to help others and being busy is no excuse — you just have to make the time to help. That’s why I volunteer and support these organizations, I hope you will too!” – Seth Green

Helping in countries all over the world, in remote places. He has volunteered for Habitat For Humanity and Doctors Beyond Borders.

Natalia Vodianova

America’s Next Top Model star set up Naked Heart Foundation to help combat poverty in Russia. She flew to Moscow to help hands on, after more than 170 people died in floods.

Natalia set up tent camps to provide a safe, colourful and cosy place for local kids to go whilst their parents worked on rebuilding the community.



Labelled as the world’s best-known philanthropist. Bono is successful in enlisting powerful allies as well as global humanitarian relief.

Since 1999 Bono has increasingly involved himself with third world debt relief and battling the AIDS pandemic. He also took the US Treasury Secretary on a four-country tour of Africa to demonstrate the poverty. This encouraged the US to increase their international aid budget.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina has helped in more than 20 countries, since 2001, she has joined field missions around the world. Most recently she visited Peru on a three-day mission, meeting Venezuelan refugees aiming to meet their humanitarian needs.

Previously she has met with refugees and people of poverty from all around the world. Angelina has also visited survivors of the Haiti earthquake and other natural disasters.

Angelina fell in love with a child when helping at an orphanage in Cambodia, she adopted her first son and set up home in Cambodia for half of the year, so her son Maddox didn’t lose touch with his heritage.

Brad Pitt

Joining his then wife Angelina Jolie, volunteering in many countries around the world, Brad was inspired to co-found Not On Our Watch with his Ocean Elevens co-stars: George Clooney and Mat Damon. The aim of the not for profit is to tackle the genocide which is happening in Sudan.

Ben Affleck

More famous for his role as Batman, in recent years Affleck has had to focus on himself more than serving others. But prior to derailing and visiting rehab, his kids inspired him to volunteer abroad in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He took a trip to the state to support aid relief.

george cloone.jpg

George Clooney

Volunteering many times in Sudan, where his co-founded organisation Not On Our Watch works. He spoke and helped victims of rape and torture. He also visited the Nuba Mountains and was arrested at the Sudanese embassy as a result of a peaceful protest.

Petra Nemcova

Trading her life behind the camera as a Czech model, Petra was abroad in Thailand when the 2004 tsunami hit. She witnessed the devastation live. Shortly after the disaster, she set up the Happy Hearts Fund which aimed to rebuild schools and continue to provide education after the tsunami destroyed the local economy. Successfully the organisation built 171 schools.

More recently the organisation has merged with All Hands forming the larger organisation All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response. The merge will better meet the needs of those whose lives have been affected by natural disaster.

matt damon.jpg

Matt Damon

Damon founded Water.Org to help provide accessible and safe water supplies for countries in need. Matt often makes trips to Africa to monitor process and help hands on. So far the organisation has managed to help 300,000 families with clean water. He also co-founded Not On Our Watch.

Ian Somerhalder

The Lost and Originals actor helped with cleaning up the beach and washed up animals that suffered after the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling disaster. He followed this by setting up the Ian Somerhalder Organisation which promotes and educates the importance of conserving the environment.

Peyton Manning

Volunteering many times in his home country, helping disadvantaged children in Louisiana, Tennessee and Indiana. He volunteered abroad working with The Red Cross, delivering emergency supplies to areas that had been hit by natural disasters.

Hayley Wickenheiser

Retired Canadian ice hockey player helped set up the foundation ONE x ONE. She volunteers with them providing water, health, education, play and nutrition to local communities.

Eli Manning

New York Giants Quarterback, Eli Manning, joined his brother as a convoy truck driver. Delivering aid to people in need following natural disasters.

alicia keys.jpg

Alicia Keys

The ‘Empire state Of Mind’ singer is a celebrity ambassador for Keep A Child Alive. She has spent time volunteering in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa with the charity. Working with local kids, teenagers and young adults who have lost their parents to AIDS.

Prince William

Second in line to the British throne, Prince William volunteered whilst travelling on his gap year. He helped in South Chile for 10 weeks; constructing walkways from log posts and teaching in schools.

He also visited many countries in Africa during his gap year, helping locals. Along with completing survival exercises in Belize.

prince harry.jpg

Prince Harry

Following in his older brother’s footsteps, the sixth in line to the British throne decided to spend a summer volunteering. After leaving the army after ten years, he focused on helping conservation projects in Africa.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Before his role as Sherlock on the BBC, Benedict volunteered abroad for a year. He volunteered in a Tibet Buddhist monastery, teaching English to young novice monks.

He learnt from the monk’s way of living and believes that it made him into the calm and collected man he is today.

victoria beckham.jpg

Victoria Beckham

Whilst in her girl band days, The Spice Girls helped raise thousands of pounds for different organisations and charities. Since going solo, Victoria has volunteered in Africa many times, helping children with aids.

Brooklyn Beckham

The eldest son of England’s most famous midfielder, has volunteered many times in England, especially after the Grenfell tower. He and his two younger siblings helped sort through donations. In recent years, Brooklyn has joined his mother, Victoria, volunteering abroad in Africa with UNICEF.


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